A closer look at recent Air Max releases: Air Max 2090, Air Max 720, Air Max 270, and Air VaporMax

It is no doubt that the Air Max sneaker has dominated the market since its first release in 1987. The shoe utilizes airbag technology that captures dense gases and uses rubber membranes to reduce the impact of steps on one’s body. The first releases of the Air Max sneaker series were called Air Max 1. Over the decades, Nike has released several versions of the shoe featuring new designs or tweaks in the design of the original debutant sneaker in the series. Originally designed as a running shoe, the sneaker brand has found its way into the closets of musicians, sports, and media personalities, and the general populace who lover good sneakers. The most recent release of the sneaker range includes Air Max 2090, Air Max 720, Air Max 270, and Air VaporMax. This article will explore them and go back to explore the earlier releases in future articles.

Air VaporMax

Dubbed the “pinnacle of Nike Air,” the sneaker series made a debut in 2016. It comes with an uncaged Air Max unit and elasticity, which gives the shoe flexibility. Unlike the previous Air Max design that filled the Sole with as much air as possible, this brand used less air. The designers used the pressure map of the foot to determine the amount of air for each section of the sole to support the individual strides and make them feel comfortable.

Air Max 270

Released in 2017, Air Max 270 came with a bold new look paying tribute to the Air Max 93 and Air Max 180 past designs while fusing it with the modern outlook. The “270” digit in its name comes from the shoe concept of representing the visible air in the shoe’s sole at 270 degrees. The sneaker comes with a breathable mesh on the upper side, with the heel having an air bubble. The forefoot is white with the ankle branded “Air 270” The shoe also has a react form cushioning.

Air Max 720

This brand of Air Max made a debut in February 2019 and was designed for casual and lifestyle use. The sneaker has 38mm of pillow in the sole, 6mm more than the previous Air Max 270, making it the tallest Air Max ever. The additional 6mm is meant to provide individuals with extra comfort as they go about their daily activities. In this sneaker series, Nike took a chance to show their environmental consciousness by making the airbag of the shoe from more than 75 percent recycled materials. The first time you will fit the shoe and walk around, you will feel like you are walking on a huge bubble. Other reviewers note that it might take a little while to start walking with the shoe on comfortably. For wide feet individuals, it is advisable to go half a size up to accommodate situations where you will be wearing thicker socks.

 Air Max 2090

Air Max 2090 has been labeled as “the sneaker of the future.” Released in 2020, the shoe streamlines the silhouette of its predecessor to represent the evolution in the design of Nike sneakers. The design of the shoe leverages the design of the Air Max that debut in 1990. The air unit in the Max 2090 is large compared to Air Max 90 to provide more comfort to the feet. The color blocking used in Air Max 90 is also visible in this range of sneakers. The darker colors have been used to underscore the strength of the shoe structure.

There you go! Enjoy the recent releases of the Nike Air Max sneakers. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. 

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