History of the Nike Air Force 1

Dustin Tolliver was leading the effort when Nike Air Force 1 was making a comeback. He is the product Director of Nike’s Global Footwear. He was a veteran of this industry, so he had an overview of what was to be done. Nike Air Force 1 might seem like an easy shoe to retro, but it has some subtle considerations. Air Force 1 is one of the most popular models of all time which does not make things easier. For those who are not crazy about shoes Nike Air Force 1 is a go-to. Considering all these factors Tolliver had to get the release right. He was able to understand the factors that made the shoe iconic. His job involved reflecting on the 1980s debut. For example, the shoe’s shape. The first release of Air Force 1 was more streamlined. As a result of subtle upgrades, the silhouettes from the 90s onwards added some bulk. In the process, Tolliver and his team searched for od lasts and shells to bring back the OG. Some leather sections were stripped to OG form, and they restructured the overlays. The lather base was also brought back to its OG quality. A lot of people love Air Force 1, what is with all this fuss on an old sneaker? 

The Designer.

We must talk about the man before getting to the shoe itself. The status of the Air Force 1 is a unique style. This is due to technological achievement. Air Force 1 is released as an addition to basketball wear. A lot of elements about its build are innovative. These were inspired by Bruce Kilgore. He was one of the employees at Nike. By then the company name was Blue Ribbon Sports. Kilgore oversaw improving the track spike design. His work was impressive and was moved over the brand’s basketball efforts. At that time, it was called Nike full of a lot of ambition. Kilgore was given one prototype as Nike wanted to lead in the hoop category in the 80s. Nike’s team of advisers included biochemists, aerospace engineers, and podiatrists. They all supported Kilgore in designing the shoe. One of the tech innovations incorporated in the Nike Air Force 1 was the cup sole. It was added to promote durability. The shoe was made for an intense sport. The rounded outsole traction pattern was also introduced.

The pattern focused on the basketball player’s motions. Smoother pivots were allowed by the circular design that helps someone not lose out traction. Tinker Hatfield was also inspired by the Air Force 1’s design. He acted as a designer on the Air Force 1, but his profession was as an architect. Hatfield was fascinated by the design that he moved over to footwear design. Another shoe that has a unique design is the Nike Kyrie 11 which has a distinctive outsole. It was inspired by Air Force 1. The Air Force 1 inspiration is very much valid in our current days. Air Force 1 is a household name known by everyone but is not easy to tell on the origin of its performance design. 

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