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History of the Nike Air Force 1


Dustin Tolliver was leading the effort when Nike Air Force 1 was making a comeback. He is the product Director of Nike’s Global Footwear. He was a veteran of this industry, so he had an overview of what was to be done. Nike Air Force 1 might seem like an easy shoe to retro, but it has some subtle considerations. Air Force 1 is one of the most popular models of all time which does not make things easier. For those who are not crazy about shoes Nike Air Force 1 is a go-to. Considering all these factors Tolliver had to get the release right. He was able to understand the factors that made the shoe iconic. His job involved reflecting on the 1980s debut. For example, the shoe’s shape. The first release of Air Force 1 was more streamlined. As a result of subtle upgrades, the silhouettes from the 90s onwards added some bulk. In the process, Tolliver and his team searched for od lasts and shells to bring back the OG. Some leather sections were stripped to OG form, and they restructured the overlays. The lather base was also brought back to its OG quality. A lot of people love Air Force 1, what is with all this fuss on an old sneaker? 

The Designer.

We must talk about the man before getting to the shoe itself. The status of the Air Force 1 is a unique style. This is due to technological achievement. Air Force 1 is released as an addition to basketball wear. A lot of elements about its build are innovative. These were inspired by Bruce Kilgore. He was one of the employees at Nike. By then the company name was Blue Ribbon Sports. Kilgore oversaw improving the track spike design. His work was impressive and was moved over the brand’s basketball efforts. At that time, it was called Nike full of a lot of ambition. Kilgore was given one prototype as Nike wanted to lead in the hoop category in the 80s. Nike’s team of advisers included biochemists, aerospace engineers, and podiatrists. They all supported Kilgore in designing the shoe. One of the tech innovations incorporated in the Nike Air Force 1 was the cup sole. It was added to promote durability. The shoe was made for an intense sport. The rounded outsole traction pattern was also introduced.

The pattern focused on the basketball player’s motions. Smoother pivots were allowed by the circular design that helps someone not lose out traction. Tinker Hatfield was also inspired by the Air Force 1’s design. He acted as a designer on the Air Force 1, but his profession was as an architect. Hatfield was fascinated by the design that he moved over to footwear design. Another shoe that has a unique design is the Nike Kyrie 11 which has a distinctive outsole. It was inspired by Air Force 1. The Air Force 1 inspiration is very much valid in our current days. Air Force 1 is a household name known by everyone but is not easy to tell on the origin of its performance design. 

Nike Renew Run 2


This product was launched by Nike to create comfort for the customer. The improvements were a big chunky midsole that absorbs hits when walking, hence the impact on joints is softened, and the load when padding around the heel cup and tongue. It sounds like running on big squishy clouds on paper but, did it meet its purpose of a great running experience? Or did it fail when it came to functionality? To keep costs low the renew run 2 uses old Nike technologies accrued from years, through renewing, and reusing the product with modern designs to make them up to date. This creates a mid-lower price range which a daily trainer can afford. Renew Run 2 has similar attributes to Nike Infinity Run but at different prices. 

Its first impressions.

The weight of the Renew Run is the first thing to note. Renew Run is one of the heaviest running shoes compared to Winflo 7, React Miler, and Downshifter 10. The women’s UK size 6.5/EU 40.5 weights 308g. As you put the shoe on you will notice that it has excess padding around the ankle and the tongue. It is well-structured, tough, and locks down the footwell, creating comfort and good fitting. The fit is true to the size of the foot in terms of length and width. It feels more rigid, padded, and weighty on foot which is like Winflo. Walking along a wet gravel canal path it picks a lot of stones and mud in outsole grooves and midsole patterns making it to be evenly heavier. The sole unit feels hard, and the shoe does not return great energy as someone’s legs become more tired. It has a lot of similarities aesthetically to the first Renew Run and the difference is the shaping on the tongue and the collar which adds more support. Small design changes have been made on the swoosh whereas the outsole is similar in the first Renew Run and the Renew Run 2. Compared to the previous ones the Renew Run has impressive looks for those who love chunky shoes. They can be worn outside of the workout as the colorways are spot on. Also, the deep grooves on the outsole pattern are attractive to those who love the designs. 

The sole unit.

A dense cushioning and stability are provided by the sole. Decoupled outsole feels firmer and is like premium React foam. With the popularity of the decoupled outsole in the shoes, it has improved shock absorption by spreading the force from hits on the ground to the rest of the foot. Dual-density midsole provides cushioning under the heel on heavy heel hits on the ground. Much of the excess weight is on the midsole because the Lunarlon foam is an older technology and thus creates a dense feeling on the feet. The shoe gives good heel-to-toe transitions and thus providing adequate flexes. The cost-saving aspect of the shoe is made on the older heavier foam. For good grip traction and durability, the outsole rubber coats the Lunarlon foam. There is no wearing down after 50 miles hence the shoe lasts well over time. Not a bad sole unit in overall score but no new improvements as compared to other shoes.

The upper unit.

The maximal padding on the upper unit is the most noticeable thing. It is thick stretching down to the tongue and the heel cup. On a muddy run the breathable, dual-layer meshed, synthetic textile upper will keep your feet dry. The feet are kept locked down well by the TPU overlays around the flat laces. The durability and lifespan of the shoe are further added by the overlays on seams and toe box.

Rawdacious footwear


Talk about color! Talk about style! Talk about comfort! Nike has launched its new footwear collection, dubbed Rawdacious. Rawdacious is a combination of the words Audacious and Raw. It describes something daring and completely bold. The name genuinely describes what this shoe is. Did I mention the use of color? Read on 😀.

Rawdacious presents a combination of colors, white being the main one. It has a dash of pink, orange and bright crimson. It is a color pallete 😃, used to symbolize Unity of sports. “Why all these colors?”, you would ask. Let us go through the details. A lot of research is normally undertaken when designing Nike shoes. This means that each technical component is a result of continuous research. So, the color blocking feature shows these technical components for what they are. Color white is used as a symbol of unity, while pink, orange, and bright crimson are inspired by the spirit and excitement reuniting through sport. 

“Color has the nuanced ability to invite both reaction and reflection at once,” says Martha Moore, Nike VP, Central Color Product Design. “You see a color, and you immediately react in a certain way. Color can also open the door to history, connections to other disciplines and to memory. In creating this year’s palette, we worked to consider color holistically to best represent a moment in time.”

Tokyo Olympics debut

Rawdacious footwear will make its debut in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games. It is coming in a variety of types; Nike SB Bruin React models, Nike SB Zoom Janoski, Nike Basketball’s Air Zoom G.T. Run, Nike SB Shane, and Nike SB’s Nyjah Free 2. 

Not an athlete? Don’t worry. There is something for you. Select performance and lifestyle footwear will arrive at Nike’s official website and select retailers throughout summer.

The “Lemonade” Air Force 1.


This new Nike sneaker is expected to arrive any time soon, and Virgil Abloh will be collaborating with the Nike shoe company in its release. People thought that Virgil was onto another collaboration of dropping another big number of shoe collections in the market. This is after him having a collection of 20 and 50 pairs. Virgil Abloh seems to focus on releasing this one hot shoe at any time. People thought that he was busy working on the 50 collections, but he has surprised everyone with a new yellow white air force 1. Even though the news of this release seems to be opaque, vague, and unclear but it would matter as it would be happening anyway.

 He asked his fans what they would love to see on his future off-white x Nike project on Twitter. As a result, it appears that Virgil will be sticking on a familiar product for this shoe. This is the yellow off-white air force 1 which was being rumored from May 2020 up to date. It is being speculated that the yellow air force 1 will be unrevealed at the same time as Abloh’s exhibit at ICA Boston. It is now official that this Lemonade Air Force 1 is going to be released any time soon. So, when exactly is it going to happen? No one has the exact day but what people know is it will be a university gold/ metallic silver color scheme. The dressing is a golden yellow hue together with the shoes and not only the uppers. The bold yellow color hits every part of the shoes, including the midsoles. The Swoosh which is dressed in glittery silver is the only part of this Lemonade Air Force 1 that is not yellow.

More on the attributes of the Lemonade Air Force 1.

 This Nike shoe mimics Abloh’s previous AF1. The Lemonade Air Force 1 has fun colors and much more. It also has a dope deconstructed look and a signature off-white branding on the shoe. Other details are, orange tabs, exposed stitching, signature zip tie, Helvetica branding, and exposed cushion tongues. By writing on the shoe with a black sharpie Abloh made a pair for LeBron. On right lateral midsole he wrote LEBRON next to the AIR branding, and on the left medial midsole wrote VIRGIL WAS HERE. On the yellow laces, the word SHOELACES is printed on them making the design of this Air Force more attractive.

Information on the release date.

 The Off-white’s Lemonade Air Force 1s are expected to be released any time soon, and every person is eagerly waiting for this special product. It would be crazy to miss having this shoe. Abloh is one of the highest-paid sneaker designers in the industry there is a reason for this. Being unable to get one of his shoes would be unlucky. If you use the right tools to cop these Air Force 1 University Gold Nikes, you can get lucky. This is how? Other than putting all your best in one bot, it would be best if you get some good proxies and kick-ass servers. It is the right combination for becoming a sneaker reseller if you ever dreamed of being one of them. I urge all the fans to have one of these pairs. If you want a lot of cash in your bank account, then this shoe is going to be one of the best selling this year. With an Abloh collab, you will never go wrong. Stay alert on the release date and grab one for yourself and trust us on this product.

Nike Air Max day and latest releases 2021


For any avid sneaker fan, Nike Air Max day is one of the days that we are always keen to know what Nike has in store for them for that year. But what exactly is Nike Air Max day and why is it celebrated. Nike Air Max Day is a day set aside by Nike for releasing its latest Air Max sneakers. It is celebrated on 26th March annually since its inception in 2014. The event brings together the sneaker series fans to connect and experiment with the latest series. The event happens across the world and features collection tours, creative workshops, panels, musical performances among other hosts of fun activities. Here are the latest releases for 2021.

Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon”

The sneaker which was a collaboration between Nike and Dave’s Quality Meat a New York City-based boutique was originally launched in 2004. The sneaker draws its colorways from shades of a strip of bacon. From 2004, the sneaker was never reissued despite being regarded as the most iconic sneakers until 2021. The long time it took before coming back made it the most important re-release after a long time. It was released on March 26, 2021.

Nike Air Max 95 “NYC Taxi”

As the name suggests, Nike Air Max 95 “NYC Taxi” pays tribute to the Iconic New York City Taxi. The Gold top surface of the shoes is made from a combination of mesh and leather completed by overlays that give way to the sole with the Max Air unit. It also contains tags on the lateral ankles and a branded inner sole that gives the shoe a fresh look.

Nike Air Max 97 Swarovski “Polar Blue”

This sneaker is a product of collaboration between Swarovski and Nike on the Air Max 97. In the 2021 release, the sneaker features a silver scheme with a polar blue accent. On the exterior, the silver color dominates with alternating thick and thin mesh completed by crystalized overlays. The shoe also features hidden lace loops that protect the delicate materials that make the upper surface. The perfectly placed polar blue tint introduces the 2021 sneaker as a reinvention of the classic Air Max 97. The shoe comes in several colorways including Metallic Silver, Polar Blue, and black. Its official release date was March 25, 2021. This collection is certainly a must-have for any Nike Air Max fan.

Air Max Pre-Day

According to Nike, this sneaker was inspired by the glory Nike experienced in the shoe glory years brought by the Air technology. On the upper surface, the show features a combination of materials including lime green recycled polyester mesh, suede, and tonal ripstop. The upper surface also features a black matte swoosh and airbag that is fully exposed. The sneaker utilizes a reductive design concept that has the Air unit exposed to allow for compression and create a soft bounce feeling when one is on the move. The shoe is available in several colorways including Liquid Lime / Black / Pistachio. The official release date was March 26, 2021.

Nike Air Max 1 “Evolution of Icons”

Termed as a must-have by many sneaker fans, the shoe makes a comeback after its first release in early 1987. Air Max 1 was the first sneaker to showcase air technology through a visible window. In the 2021 Air Max 1 “Evolution of Icons,” the shoe combines a host of iconic features of the past and the modern storied silhouette. The sneaker also features suede swaths and eye-stays from the iconic Air Max 90 and Air Max 95. The inner sole has printed images of air technology history and it comes in several combinations including Sail, Straw, Medium Brown, and Sheen. Its official release date was on March 26, 2021.

Enjoy the 2021 releases as we wait for what Nike has in store for us in 2022.

Nike air max 90


The story of Nike Air Max 90 dates to 1990 when it was released as the second flagship sneaker following the success of Air Max 1. The sneaker was designed by the legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield who came up with the Infrared colorway that became legendary in its rights. The blueprint of later releases has garnered a dedicated fan base and traces its colors from the Nike Air Max 90. It is no doubt that Nike came up with a sneaker that has stood the test of time and in this article, we will explore some of the best Nike air max 90 edition shoes.

Nike Air Max 90 Exeter Edition

This edition of Nike air max 90 is a testament to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of Nike since its inception. It comes with a Max Air unit that adds lightweight cushioning with the rubber adding durability and traction. Its low-top design is completed by a padded collar. The mesh lining adds to the comfortability of the shoes while also providing a sleek look that will set you apart in the sneaker game. The Retro Vibes can be seen in the stitched overlays and comes in several color combinations including Black, Iron, Grey, White, and White.

Nike Air Max 90 Premium

This Nike air max 90 edition stays true to its roots while also being comfortable and fly. It comes with stitched overlays, Waffle outsole with fresh colors added to give it a modern look. The Max Air cushioning on the sole ensures that your strides are comfortable.  Remember the shoes are made from the Revolutionary Air technology that Nike started using in 1978 and which provides comfort to the wearer of the shoe. This sneaker edition comes in several color combinations including Summit White, Midnight Navy, Obsidian, and Thunder Blue.

Nike Air Max Excee

In Nike Air Max Excee you have a shoe that celebrates the Iconic air max 90 through a unique design. On the upper surface, it has elongated lines and distorted proportions that give the shoe a modern look while its retro colors pay tribute to the pioneer air max 90. Donning the shoe comes with the following benefits:

  • The shoe comes with Air cushioning that ensures your feet are comfortable.
  • The foam midsole provides lightweight comfort.
  • Waffle outsole that provides reaction and durability to the shoe.
  • Stitched synthetic leather overlays on the upper surface not only provide durability but also adds style and heritage to the sneaker.
  • The shoe comes in several color combinations including Bright Crimson, Volt, Indigo Burst, and White

Nike Air Max 90 SE

This sneaker comes with two important features. First, is the Max Air unit that ensured that each step is well cushioned while running and the solid rubber Waffle outsole that provides traction. On the upper surface, a combination of mesh and leather ensures air circulation to the feet and durability respectfully. For everyday support of the ankle, it comes with a padded collar. The sneaker is available in several color combinations including Smoke Grey, Fresh Water, White, and Grey Fog.

Nike Air Max 90 NRG

Originally designed for performance running, this sneaker comes with a timeless look that delivers both style and comfort. On the upper surface, Stitched overlays and the Nike Air logo give it a fresh look while also providing durability. On the heel, the Max Air unit adds unmatched cushioning that ensures your running or walking. It also has a form midsole which makes the shoe light and provides comfort. The most popular color of the edition is Summit White.

The list above is not exhaustive, and, in a future article, we will explore more Nike air max 90 editions. Leave us a comment in the comment section below.

New Nike sneakers releases


It is no secret that stepping out of the house donning new Nike sneakers is the best feeling ever! You feel on top of your game and ready to seize the day or stand out from the crowd. What is even more appealing is stepping out wearing the latest Nike sneaker that is yet to hit the streets in volumes. For a moment it feels like you belong to the exclusive club. Luckily, Nike understands your vibe and is always releasing new sneakers to make sure you stay on top of your sneaker game. In this article, we will explore the latest Nike releases.

Nike Air Tuned Max for men

Returning for the first time since 1999, the Air Tuned Max delivers comfort and cutting-edge innovation. This sneaker was originally for running. Its low Air units in the heel and forefoot provide the feet with enough cushioning and make every stride comfortable while running. The shoe was born out of Nike’s clandestine and bygone Alpha Project that endeavored to produce fast-paced shoes. On the tongue and the heel, the sneaker has five dots which speaks against mediocrity and encourages performance and comfort in the design of the shoe.

Donning the shoe comes with several benefits. Firstly, its upper surface made from durable synthetic materials ensures that you look sleek while also enjoy your strides because it is lightweight. The rubber outsole adds to the traction and durability the shoe is known for. The shoe comes in several color combinations including Black/Dark Charcoal/Metallic Silver/Celery.

Nike Free Run Trail

First introduced in 2004, the sneaker makes a comeback in 2021 as a casual option. The upper surface of the shoe is made from a mesh material that contains large perforations to keep the shoe lightweight and airy.  The shoe also features a booty-like construction to add to its feel. The sole which mimics natural movement adds comfort to the foot while the sole pattern provides both durability and heritage associated with the sneaker. The shoe comes in several color options including Neutral Grey, Summit White, White, Black/ Anthracite-White.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow for women

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow utilizes double branding and exaggerated midsole to create a bold new look for Air Force 1. The shoe features a foam midsole that provides flexibility and comfort. It also has a layered outlook including 2 eye stays, 2 Swoosh designs, 2 back tabs, and 2 mudguards. The midsole is 41mm with the upper surface made from a mixture of leather and synthetic materials. It comes in several colors including Cashmere/Pure, Oxford/Pale Coral, and Pure Violet/Pink.

Nike Air More Uptempo

Dubbed “Air that keeps the funk alive,” Nike Air More Uptempo pays tribute to Roswell Rayguns a fictional ABA team while also bringing back basketball funk to the streets. The shoe features retro Raygun colors that take Nike sneakers, lovers, back to 1975. The shoe also comes with overbranding, graphics that are graffiti styled, and Air cushioning that provides comfort. Donning the sneaker comes with the following benefits;

  • The 1990s graffiti celebrates the past and makes you connect with the street you walk on
  • The Max Air units not only make the shoe lightweight but also durable and comfortable.
  • Elastic straps running on top of the shoe makes it easy to be worn with laces or without
  • It also has one of a kind lacing system that is ideal for off the court activities.
  • The form insole has the wordings “RAYGUNS” printed on top of it.

The shoe comes in several color combinations including White, Team Orange, Black, and University Gold. We would like to know your experience with these latest Nike sneakers. Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Nike MD runner 2 for men


After setting the running goal, maybe covering several kilometers a day, getting a shoe that will give you comfort and flexibility to smash the goal is important. One of the Nike shoes that are perfect for intense running is the Nike MD Runner 2 Men’s Running Shoes. The shoe is based on the running champ of the 1990s. It mixes the breathable mesh on the upper surface with suede overlays. Instead of EVA in the midsole, the shoe features injected phylon to provide lightweight cushioning. The shoe also comes with a rubber sole for flexibility and a Lace-Up closure system that holds the feet firm when running.

Other key features in Nike MD runner 2 for men include a flat heel (1 centimeter high) and a standard shoe width. The Iconic Nike swoosh runs on both sides of the shoe and disappears into the leather overlay at the back to add style to the shoe. As a runner, there are several benefits of choosing the shoe for your running routine.  Firstly, the breathable mesh on the upper surface will ensure that your feet receive air circulation during running and reduce heat generated by the process. The Foam midsole is very light, which reduces the weight of the shoes and provides cushioning.

According to several reviews on runrepeat.com, these are the reasons you should buy the shoe:

  • Lots of reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with the comfortability of shoe in their daily routine, be it walking or running.
  • Some wearers have noted that the cushioning system around the ankle provides them with a lot of support.
  • Several reviewers also note that the shoe provides them with a sense of style and versatility.
  • One reviewer highlight how he receives complement from strangers, friends, and colleagues every time he wears the shoe.
  • Another reviewer at flipkart.com who gives the shoe a 5-star rating commented that there is a need for one to go for a size up when buying the shoe for proper fit.

The shoe comes in 13 colorways, and among the popular color ranges of the shoes include:

  • Black with a white stripe at the backside of the sole and white swoosh and black laces.
  • Grey completed with a black swoosh and lower layer of the sole.
  • Red with white swoosh and strip at the back of the sole.
  • Grey wolf combined with black and white.
  • Navy with white swoosh and Nike imprint at the back
  • Silver with a touch of black and white on the Swoosh and sole
  • Midnight Navy combines with Wolf Grey and White
  • White completed with blue on the swoosh and the backside of the sole.
  • Blue upper surface with white swoosh
  • Bold black on the upper and lower parts
  • Pink with white Swoosh
  • Maroon velvet brown option
  • Nike MD runner multicolor
  • Yellow with a touch of white on the swoosh and sole among other options

Care routine for Nike MD runner 2 for men

Nike MD runner 2 for men is made from mesh and suede materials, and therefore it has a specific cleaning routine for it to be durable. When dirty, use a piece of dry or wet cloth to wipe clean.

A small number of reviewers, however, have had a negative review about Nike MD runner 2. Some note that the sole is stiff, while others say the padding around the ankle is too puffy despite the support it provides to the feet.

The bottom line is Nike MD runner 2 is a timeless classic that will continue to define the history of tyle and running. With its retro style, it is now possible to live in the present while appreciating the past. Let us know your opinion about the shoe in the comment section below.

New Nike sneakers 2021


If you are an avid sneaker fan, you have to keep tabs on the new releases of your favorite sneaker brand. You do not want to don a sneaker that was released a long time ago. It does not go well with your sense of fashion and the quest to look trendy. Fortunately, Nike has always been at the forefront in making sure you hit the streets and basketball courts with style and confidence. In 2021, there are several mouth-watering releases. In this article, we will explore some of them and hopefully enable you to stay ahead of the rest. 

Nike Dunk Low Metallic Mismatch Multi

This new Nike release features several colors arranged randomly. The left and the right shoe all have different colors to emphasize its concept of mismatch look. Some of the colors featured in the shoe include yellow, blue, pink, gold, green, silver, purple, red, and silver. The shoe also features a combo of materials, including suede and metallic-coated layers. Still, Nike has paid attention to the cushioning with the full-length crisp white midsole. This sneaker range is definitely for those who do not want to conform. 

Jordan 1 Low SE White Sesame

Termed as one the best rendition of the original Jordan, Jordan 1 Low SE White Sesame is a head-turner on and off the court. This New Nike sneaker was crafted with perforations from the heel to the toe to keep the feet fresh and make the shoe lightweight. The swoosh logo runs on both sides of the shoe in a beige hue. The rubber outsole is durable and is completed by a light blue filling that complements the silhouette and the white top surface. You can be sure to look trendy with the release. 

Nike Air Max 95 Grey Volt Logo

After a brief return in 2020, Nike Air Max 95 Grey Volt Logo, the sneaker, has made a comeback in 2021, emphasizing overbranding. The sneaker has logos on the lower profile layer and the toe area. The mesh fabric on the upper surface paves the way for the smooth leather that connects with the outsole. The shoe is available in several color combinations, and you can be sure to pick the right color for you. 

Nike TN Air Max Metallic Silver

Inspired by its predecessor Air Max 97, Air Max plus silver returns with slight twerk in the original colorways. This sneaker range includes two-tone, namely silver and black options. Like the inaugural design, the new sneaker has a meshed base and synthetic leather overlays on the upper surface, completed by various shades of grey. 

Nike Air Huarache Orca

Nike Air Huarache Orca was originally designed as a pair of Nike trainers by the legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield in 1991. However, its popularity soon spread from sporting activities into lifestyles due to its unmatched comfort. In the latest 2021 release, the shoe boasts of its traditional features, including the exoskeleton panels that wrap around the base providing much-needed comfort to the foot. Other features also borrowed from the 1991 design include the circular emblem o the tongue, a midsole with air cushioning, and the rubber heel strap. The only difference between the original and the new release is the black and white colorways.

There you go. We have explored five of the latest Nike sneakers releases. Have you bought one already? Let us know your experience in the comment section below. I hope the article has helped identify what to go for. In the next sneaker release article, we will dwell on the more sneaker ranges. For now, see you on the trendy side of life! 

Nike Air Max sneakers for women


In our previous post, we explored Nike shoes for ladies in general. We also looked at recent Air max releases. In this article, however, I will explore Nike air max sneakers for women. The Nike Max sneaker series is the brainchild of Tinker Hatfield, a renowned Nike designer. Officially released in 1987, the Air Max series has been a huge success in sports and the streets. What is unique about the Air Max series is air technology that gives the sneaker flexibility, durability, and elasticity. The following are some of the trendy Air Max sneakers for women.

Air Max Oketo Sneaker

The rubber sole of the shoe has an Air Max unit that provides comfort to the feet. The upper surface of the shoe is designed with minimal features. A Breathable mesh ensures air circulation to the feet while the outer rubber sole provides flexibility and stability. The shoe comes in several colors, including black, white, red, with white, among others. It is ideal for running.

Nike Women’s Air Max 270

Nike Women’s Air Max 270 not only provides style and comfort but also makes you stand out from the crowd. This sneaker range draws inspiration from legendary Air Max icons. Among the shoe’s key features include the Max Air 270 unit that provides comfort. This upper surface synthetic fabric makes the shoe lightweight. It also has a foam midsole that adds to the shoe’s comfort and rubber outsole for traction and durability.

Nike Women’s Air Max 270 React Se

This sneaker range draws inspiration from the Air Max pantheon. It comes with the Max Air 270 unit to provide all-day comfort. It also has heel-to-toe rubber that makes the shoe durable and provides traction. The midsole is soft to provide smooth strides.

Nike Women’s Air Max Bella TR 2 Training Shoes

Crafted with breathable fabrics, The Nike Air Max Bella TR 2 is ideal for training and workouts. It also comes with a flat outsole that provides stability while training and cushioning that ensures your feet remain comfortable. One of this shoe’s unique features is the low Air Max unit that ensures you have comfort and stability while training. Its laces are fused with the strap, which keeps the feet locked into the shoe while training. It comes in several color combinations to choose from.

Women’s Air Max 2090 Casual Sneakers

This range of Nike Air Max sneakers is a celebration of the iconic Air Max 90 model. It comes with a lightweight mesh on the upper surface that offers ventilation. At the same time, the flexible and grippy rubber sole ensures smooth strides. Compared to the classic Air Max 90, the Max Air unit in this shoe is more visible. It represents the strides Air Max sneakers have made in the last 30 years. The sneaker has a 97% approval rate on the finisheline.com website, with those who have tried it before giving it a 4.8 rating out of 5.

Women’s Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit Running Sneakers

This sneaker range is unique in the sense that it is built to a cushioned fit feature. It comes with a FastFit lacing system for easy wearing and taking it off. It also has a cushioned Air unit that provides a bouncy feeling when one is running. A rubber sole completes the Flyknit Upper surface with the foam tongue enhancing comfort to the feet. The sneaker also demonstrates respect to the environment as it is made from at least 50% recycled materials. It comes in several color schemes, and you can be sure to choose what you love.

I hope the blog article has provided you with a head start on choosing the ideal Nike Air Max sneakers for women. We will explore more Air Max sneakers for women in a future article.