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Nike shoe for ladies


It is no doubt that nobody wants to step out of the house looking untidy and uncomfortable. Fortunately, Nike shoes for ladies provide a way to complement our favorite outfits, be it a classic outfit or our favorite jeans. For decades now, Nike has continued to produce shoes that appeal to both the athletic world and streetwear. This article will explore some of the nice Nike shoes for ladies that could make you stand out from the crowd.

Nike Tanjun

In Japanese, “Tanjun” means “simplicity.” Nike Tanjun, therefore, was designed for simplicity with more emphasis on comfort. According to several reviewers, this Nike shoe fits the definition of comfort. Its phenomenal footbed provides comfort when one is on the go. One reviewer who likes walking for exercise noted that it is light in weight and ideal for long-distance walking. If you are planning a hiking event or sightseeing, this shoe will be ideal for you. The shoes come in several colors, including White/Black, Wolf Grey/White, Black/White/Black, and Black/Metallic Red Bronze.

Nike Free RN 2018

Nike Free RN 2018 is very comfortable and provides flexibility that is needed for smooth running or walking. However, many reviewers note that donning the shoes makes them feel as though they are “walking on a cloud.” The shoe comes in several colors, and one can be sure to pick the color they prefer.

Nike Air Max 270 React

If you are the type that wants to move from point A to B quickly and also have a fresh look, Nike Air Max 270 React may be the Nike sneaker you need. The shoe comes with the cushioning of Nike React and the bold silhouette of the Air Max, making it perfect for everyday activities. Some ideas for donning the shoe include an entirely black outfit, a sweater dress, or a nice blazer and denim.

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low

In Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low, you have a shoe that “reimagines classic hoops style” for women. It comes with a leather upper surface that gives it style and makes it easy to clean. It also has a Non-marking rubber outsole that provides durability and traction, a Foam sole with Air cushioning, and a Platform midsole. Its sculpted collar helps to reduce hotspots, while the Sage bold look will introduce you to the street not as a follower but as a leader in the sneaker shoe game.

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 SE

Inspired by nature, Nike Blazer Mid ’77 SE is made from at least 20% recycled materials. The shoe features the old-school look of Nike b-ball but adds a plant-dyed color. The upper canvas is made from 100% recycled materials, with the padded collar adding comfort and support to the feet. The shoe has a Cork tongue tag and a midsole that streamlines its look to add to the classic look. The shoe also boasts of a natural color pallet that provides it with its unique look and uniquely celebrates nature. The color options for this sneaker range include Light Sienna and white.

In our future article, we will explore more Nike shoe range for women. For now, enjoy the ones discussed above. Let us know your view about them in the comment section below.

Nike Air force 1 for men


People love sneakers for many reasons, chief among them being that they are comfortable to walk in and because they are low maintenance. One of the legendary sneakers that have maintained popularity over the decades is Nike Air force 1. This Nike sneaker range has been described as “a street legend” by many reviewers. Designed by renowned Nike designer Bruce Kilgore, the Shoe was officially released in 1982, with its slogan being  “Air in the box.” The Shoe’s release was a turning point in sports and sneakers culture to feature air technology that provided durability, flexibility, and elasticity while also being lightweight and unique in shape. In Nike Air force 1, Kilgore envisioned a shoe that could accommodate intense sporting action and provide grip to basketball players on the court. The sneaker’s popularity was built by sports and hip-hop culture, with some artists, for example, Nelly, even dedicating a song to it.

Nike Air force 1 shoes for men comes in various colors, and in this article, we will feature Men Air force 1 White Shoes, Air force 1 black Shoes and Black & White Air Force 1.

Men Air force 1 White Shoes

The Shoe comes with a silhouette and a versatile look crafted from the original Nike Air force 1. The upper surface boasts synthetic leather that provides a cleaner look and durability. The perforated toe area and sides provide ample ventilation for the foot. Its lace-up system is completed by a metal tag that completes the face of the Shoe. The midsole consists of Phylon that absorbs shock and provides light cushioning. In the outer sole, the Shoe utilizes non-marking rubber material that provides durability and better traction.  Men Air force 1 White Shoes has revolutionized how people view casual sneakers because of the advanced design and comfort it offers to the feet. It is no doubt that Kilgore succeeded in designing a shoe that would appeal to both the sports personalities and everyone in the streets.

Men Air force 1 black Shoe

This sneaker also mimics the iconic air force 1 look with a solid black color that dominates the Shoe’s inside and outside. Its upper surface is made from synthetic leather. The insole is comfortable with the fastening lace-up, providing grip to the Shoe. The sole is made from a rubber material that provides flexibility, while the round toe shape ensures comfort while walking. To provide durability and support, the upper layer has stitched overlays. The sneaker has Air cushioning with the low-cut silhouette adding to the streamlined look for all-day comfort. The padded collar also adds to the convenience of the Shoe.

Men Black & White Air Force 1

If you are the type that prefers a combination of black and white instead of solid white or black colors in your sneaker, then Men Black & White Air Force 1 will be ideal for you. Its design details include white and black throughout the Shoe with an upper surface made from leather material. Its color is low cut to provide comfort, with the Nike Air unit providing the much-needed lightweight cushioning. The Non-marking rubber not only completes the signature look of Air Force 1 but also durable. The upper front surface is bold black, with the back of the top surface white. The white Nike swoosh is completed by a black outline and runs across the two-color combinations to deliver a striking visual appearance of the sneaker.

It is no doubt that Air Force 1 is a unique sneaker that has stood the test of time and will continue providing a unique look for both sports individuals and people on the streets. Be sure to check out for new releases and keep rocking!

A closer look at recent Air Max releases: Air Max 2090, Air Max 720, Air Max 270, and Air VaporMax


It is no doubt that the Air Max sneaker has dominated the market since its first release in 1987. The shoe utilizes airbag technology that captures dense gases and uses rubber membranes to reduce the impact of steps on one’s body. The first releases of the Air Max sneaker series were called Air Max 1. Over the decades, Nike has released several versions of the shoe featuring new designs or tweaks in the design of the original debutant sneaker in the series. Originally designed as a running shoe, the sneaker brand has found its way into the closets of musicians, sports, and media personalities, and the general populace who lover good sneakers. The most recent release of the sneaker range includes Air Max 2090, Air Max 720, Air Max 270, and Air VaporMax. This article will explore them and go back to explore the earlier releases in future articles.

Air VaporMax

Dubbed the “pinnacle of Nike Air,” the sneaker series made a debut in 2016. It comes with an uncaged Air Max unit and elasticity, which gives the shoe flexibility. Unlike the previous Air Max design that filled the Sole with as much air as possible, this brand used less air. The designers used the pressure map of the foot to determine the amount of air for each section of the sole to support the individual strides and make them feel comfortable.

Air Max 270

Released in 2017, Air Max 270 came with a bold new look paying tribute to the Air Max 93 and Air Max 180 past designs while fusing it with the modern outlook. The “270” digit in its name comes from the shoe concept of representing the visible air in the shoe’s sole at 270 degrees. The sneaker comes with a breathable mesh on the upper side, with the heel having an air bubble. The forefoot is white with the ankle branded “Air 270” The shoe also has a react form cushioning.

Air Max 720

This brand of Air Max made a debut in February 2019 and was designed for casual and lifestyle use. The sneaker has 38mm of pillow in the sole, 6mm more than the previous Air Max 270, making it the tallest Air Max ever. The additional 6mm is meant to provide individuals with extra comfort as they go about their daily activities. In this sneaker series, Nike took a chance to show their environmental consciousness by making the airbag of the shoe from more than 75 percent recycled materials. The first time you will fit the shoe and walk around, you will feel like you are walking on a huge bubble. Other reviewers note that it might take a little while to start walking with the shoe on comfortably. For wide feet individuals, it is advisable to go half a size up to accommodate situations where you will be wearing thicker socks.

 Air Max 2090

Air Max 2090 has been labeled as “the sneaker of the future.” Released in 2020, the shoe streamlines the silhouette of its predecessor to represent the evolution in the design of Nike sneakers. The design of the shoe leverages the design of the Air Max that debut in 1990. The air unit in the Max 2090 is large compared to Air Max 90 to provide more comfort to the feet. The color blocking used in Air Max 90 is also visible in this range of sneakers. The darker colors have been used to underscore the strength of the shoe structure.

There you go! Enjoy the recent releases of the Nike Air Max sneakers. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. 

Nike Running Shoes For Flat Feet


Having a flat foot has always been used as the reason for not running because of overpronation. Overpronation happens when one pushes himself/herself from the ground using the balls of the feet rather than the toes. Interestingly, most people do not know if they have a flat foot or have a regular one. One of the easiest ways to tell if you are flat-footed is to dip your foot on water and then step onto a flat dry surface. If your foot is flat, the imprint of your foot will cover the whole surface. The next step after discovering flat feet is to shop for the correct Nike shoes that will make your running easy. There are several options available.

Nike LunarGlide 7

Nike LunarGlide 7 is one of the most effective running shoes for people with flat-foot because it was built with Lunarlon foam cushioning that keeps the feet comfortable while running. It also has a motion control structure that prevents pronating when one is running. A review of the shoe by many flat feet runners is positive. They indicate that the stability feature in the midsection of the shoe is what is unique about it.

Nike Free RN

Ideally, flat-foot children should walk barefoot more to improve their foot flexibility. However, most of our modern living environment is paved, highlighting the need for running shoes that allow runners to have flexibility. With Nike Free RN, you are guaranteed flexibility and comfort as the shoes were designed to mimic running barefoot.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

One Nike shoe that offers a superior running experience is the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36. This is because it comes with exquisite cushioning made from Cushlon ST Foam. Moreover, the cushioning is responsive and will help your feet feel more comfortable when running. This shoe is used by most elite runners who are flat-footed, and therefore you can be guaranteed a good running experience.

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2 corrects overpronation because it is lightweight. It also cushioned at the front and the back, two areas that experience pressure during running. These shoes have firm medial support that is crucial for preventing flat-foot runners from overpronating.

Nike Men’s Air Vapormax Flyknit 3 Running Shoe

Many runners rate this shoe as one of the most comfortable shoes for running. It has a cushioning system that is spread over the entire length of the shoes. Additionally, the upper surface has breathing spaces that keep the feet cool while running. This feature provides stability and comfort that flat feet runners crave. The only downside of the shoe is its color scheme of white and black that most runners have termed as not attractive.

Nike Zoom Structure 20

Like its name, Nike Zoom Structure 20 comes with a preconceived structure that offers stability and support for flat-foot individuals during running.  As a stability shoe, the sole has a dual-density mix of Phylon and Cushlon foams.  The foam is softer on the shoes’ outer side but gets more rigid on the medial ssection to support flat-foot runners. Compared to Nike Zoom Structure 19, the previous version, this shoe is 3mm higher and maintains a 9mm drop to provide a difference between the heel and the toe that flat feet runners do not have.

In conclusion, being flat feet should not be the reason for not running as Nike has provided an amicable solution with their several shoe ranges. To maximize the features of these shoes, I encourage you first to find out if you are flat-footed as the features may not be ideal for regular feet.

Nike casual sneakers for boys and girls.


Children love to look good as they often compare themselves with their friends. A good sneaker for kids offers comfort while making them look smart and trendy. With Nike casual sneakers, you can be sure that your kids will look fashionable. In the list below, we explore Nike casual sneakers for boys and girls.

Nike Jordan 5 Retro (PS) Kids Sneaker

Michel Jordan’s aerial prowess in basketball and WWII fighter planes inspired these retro-styled sneakers for kids. It comes with  rubber outsole that prevents slipping, full-grain leather for durability, plastic lace lock, and converging side vents that give the shoe its signature solid look. The color options for this range of sneakers are tropical teal and pink and is ideal for older kids.

Nike Lunar Force 1 Sneaker Boots for Kids

This Nike shoe is a smaller version of the men’s Nike Lunar Force 1. It is made from a synthetic material that is all black. The shoe comes with impressive design features, including fabric and leather that provide comfort and performance. On the sides, the shoe has a grey swoosh that adds to the style of the shoe while on the ankles, the shoe has extended cushioning to improve comfort. This sneaker is ideal for big kids. 

Nike Girl’s Tanjun BR Sneaker

In Nike Girl’s Tanjun, you have a sneaker that is both attractive and comfortable for girls. The shoe boasts of its attractive signature blue color and Nike swoosh on both sides. It also has other attractive features, including breathable mesh that stretches over the top, a durable sole that provides cushioning, Flex grooves that facilitate feet’ natural movement, a durable inner sole, and rounded toe edges to provide more comfort. This shoe is ideal for both small and big girls.

Nike Sock Dart (GS) Fashion-Sneakers

Kids love colorful things. Nike Sock Dart (GS) Fashion Sneakers come with an unconventional design featuring several colors including black, red, blue, and navy blue, all complementing each other in the shoe. Other features in the shoe include:

  • Breathable fabric at the top.
  • Adjustable synthetic strap.
  • Rubber sole for traction.
  • Synthetic material on top.
  • Sock liner.
  • Lightweight for midsole cushioning.

It is also designed to allow feet flexibility. The rubber outsole is durable, which makes the shoe ideal for everyday activities. The shoe is available in different sizes, which makes it ideal for both small and big kids.

Nike Unisex-Child Team Hustle D 9 (Gs) Sneaker

This Nike sneaker range is ideal for your child because it provides flexibility and ankle support that prevents them from falling and injuring themselves. The shoe is made from synthetic material with a rubber sole and mesh lining on the top. It also has deep flex grooves that provide flexibility and easy movement, while its Herringbone-pattern ensures that traction is provided. If your child is keen on colors, this range provides relief as it comes with several color combinations, including blue and black, black with yellow, red, black and white, and white with grey, among others. It is ideal for small and big kids.

Nike Eric Koston Canvas Grade School Skate Shoes

As the name suggests, this shoe helps your child skate with ease by ensuring that they remain balanced when standing on the skateboard. The canvas material from which the shoe is made is durable. The material is also flexible to provide ease of movement. The solid sole ensures that there is a firm grip between the shoe and the skateboard. The shoe is available for all ages.

There you go! We have explored the different Nike casual sneakers for boys and girls to make your child look smart and trendy. When you visit a Nike store, be keen on these features depending on your child’s needs. Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

What to consider when choosing suitable Nike running shoes


Whether you are beginning your running journey or are already an experienced runner, one of the most important choices you will have to make is deciding which running shoes to use. Several brands offer running shoe solutions, but I will discuss how to choose a suitable Nike running in this article. There are several factors to consider when deciding which shoes to go for.

The surface you are running on

It is important to consider the surface you are running on when choosing the right Nike shoes. If most of the time you train on pavements, Nike road shoes are ideal for you. This type of shoes has an extra cushioning feature that absorbs shock, minimizing injuries in the running process. If your training routine involves running through muddy surfaces, Nike trail shoes will best fit your needs because it comes with a deep tread that provides better grip and ankle support that better suits uneven terrain. If your running routine covers both surfaces, you can consider the hybrid type that provides balance, grip, and cushioning, depending on the surface type.

The type of runner you are

We all have different running style and routines. Depending on these factors, we can select the type of Nike running shoes. For example, some runners are casual and only do few miles on weekends. On the contrary, others have a daily routine that is well structured. When shopping for running shoes, be sure to explain the type of runner you are to the store expert to advise on the type depending on durability. You do not want to buy running shoes and head back to the store after a week because they could not withstand impact.

The shoe size

As basic as it may sound, shoe size is one of the most important aspects of choosing running shoes. A shoe that is too small will press the bone and increase the risk of incurring a bone injury. Similarly, oversized running shoes will result in the feet sliding back and forth when running, causing blisters. Often running Nike running shoes are smaller than normal sizes, and therefore you must visit the store and try your size and the next size up to get the best fit.

Your Running Gait

Running Gait is how your ankles, knees and hips are aligned when you are running. Depending on this alignment, you are either a neutral, overpronator or underpronator runner.  Your running gait will determine the level of support you need your shoes to provide. For example, if you are a neutral runner, Nike shoes with medium support are ideal for you. Be sure to explain these aspects to the store expert to give you the right shoes. Some stores offer free video Gait analysis, and it is important to take the offer to make sure your shoe choice corresponds with your running style.

Your injury history

You will often hear the Nike store expert asking if you are currently injured or have an injury history. If you have an injury history, they may ask for more information about the injury to determine if it is the running shoe that caused the injury. If you are in the process of recovering from an injury, you must go for Nike running shoes that offer more support to aid in the recovery process.

You budget

After carefully considering all the factors above, it is important to consider your budget because, ideally, you cannot spend what you do not have. Talk to the Nike store expert on the option available while considering your budget but do not compromise on the shoe features very much.

See you out there, breaking a sweat!