The “Lemonade” Air Force 1.

This new Nike sneaker is expected to arrive any time soon, and Virgil Abloh will be collaborating with the Nike shoe company in its release. People thought that Virgil was onto another collaboration of dropping another big number of shoe collections in the market. This is after him having a collection of 20 and 50 pairs. Virgil Abloh seems to focus on releasing this one hot shoe at any time. People thought that he was busy working on the 50 collections, but he has surprised everyone with a new yellow white air force 1. Even though the news of this release seems to be opaque, vague, and unclear but it would matter as it would be happening anyway.

 He asked his fans what they would love to see on his future off-white x Nike project on Twitter. As a result, it appears that Virgil will be sticking on a familiar product for this shoe. This is the yellow off-white air force 1 which was being rumored from May 2020 up to date. It is being speculated that the yellow air force 1 will be unrevealed at the same time as Abloh’s exhibit at ICA Boston. It is now official that this Lemonade Air Force 1 is going to be released any time soon. So, when exactly is it going to happen? No one has the exact day but what people know is it will be a university gold/ metallic silver color scheme. The dressing is a golden yellow hue together with the shoes and not only the uppers. The bold yellow color hits every part of the shoes, including the midsoles. The Swoosh which is dressed in glittery silver is the only part of this Lemonade Air Force 1 that is not yellow.

More on the attributes of the Lemonade Air Force 1.

 This Nike shoe mimics Abloh’s previous AF1. The Lemonade Air Force 1 has fun colors and much more. It also has a dope deconstructed look and a signature off-white branding on the shoe. Other details are, orange tabs, exposed stitching, signature zip tie, Helvetica branding, and exposed cushion tongues. By writing on the shoe with a black sharpie Abloh made a pair for LeBron. On right lateral midsole he wrote LEBRON next to the AIR branding, and on the left medial midsole wrote VIRGIL WAS HERE. On the yellow laces, the word SHOELACES is printed on them making the design of this Air Force more attractive.

Information on the release date.

 The Off-white’s Lemonade Air Force 1s are expected to be released any time soon, and every person is eagerly waiting for this special product. It would be crazy to miss having this shoe. Abloh is one of the highest-paid sneaker designers in the industry there is a reason for this. Being unable to get one of his shoes would be unlucky. If you use the right tools to cop these Air Force 1 University Gold Nikes, you can get lucky. This is how? Other than putting all your best in one bot, it would be best if you get some good proxies and kick-ass servers. It is the right combination for becoming a sneaker reseller if you ever dreamed of being one of them. I urge all the fans to have one of these pairs. If you want a lot of cash in your bank account, then this shoe is going to be one of the best selling this year. With an Abloh collab, you will never go wrong. Stay alert on the release date and grab one for yourself and trust us on this product.

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